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ACH exceptions costs the industry $96 million a year. There is a better way to spend your time and money. Simply use PCM to automate bank-to-bank and bank-to-originator communications.

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The ACH network is one of the most efficient payment networks in the world. However, from time to time, banks receive questions from their customers regarding ACH payments. These requests could be for a record of authorization, a copy of a converted check, or a permitted return, just to name a few. Resolution typically requires a time-consuming and manual process involving numerous phone calls and faxes.

PCM Advantages

  • Expedite request resolution by going to a single portal for all financial institutions, regardless of ACH operator

  • Reduce the manual effort of receiving, logging and tracking the status of ACH exception requests

  • Deliver a secure, hosted service suited for FIs and Originators and eliminate reliance on fax technology

  • Provide insight to all exception participants, eliminating wasteful follow-up calls and emails

  • Free staff time to focus more on delivering enhanced customer service and less on tedious and repetitive tasks

PCM Now Supports All Current ACH Exceptions Types, Including:

  • Record of Authorization Request

  • Request for Permitted Return

  • WSUD Request

  • Recall Request

  • Originator Information Request

  • Check Copy Request

  • General Information Request

  • IAT Additional Information Request *No other exception services support IAT additional information exception cases


Guest Accounts

Register for a FREE guest account if you need to send a single ACH Record of Authorization request to a specific ODFI. Guest accounts are provided by full-subscribing members to expedite the resolution of exceptions.

Basic Membership

Basic membership is available to any financial institution that has fewer than 10 ACH exception cases per month. Basic members can create a Request for Record of Authorization to ANY ODFI. Requests for all ODFIs can be monitored through the PCM portal. Basic members can
also search their history for requests that were previously closed.

Full Membership Benefits

  • Importing and Exporting cases to integrate with existing bank systems
  • Originator Access for straight-through processing of exceptions
  • Exception Automation eliminates the majority of ODFI exception “touches”
  • Alerts and Notifications to prevent missed deadlines
  • SSO Integration is available for almost any banking system
  • Audit and History of all case activity

Do you send or receive more than 10 ACH exception requests?

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PCM is a service provided by U.S. Dataworks, Inc., a Fintech company with more than 20 years of expertise serving financial institutions like yours.